The Stranger

December 13, 2011
By , san antonio, TX
Looking straight to this nameless face
Familiar yet unacquainted
I tilt my head
This familiar person does the same

I opened my mouth to speak,
But faltered when this person opened hers
I anticipated her next action,
But she remained still

This woman grown yet not older than I
A few years, yes, but I couldn't deny,
This woman reminded me of someone
But I didn't know who

I stumbled over a thought in my head
It couldn't be...
I lingered second longer
I raised my head and forced my eyes to hers

I extended my arm slowly,
She duplicated my action
With the same curious look and locked brown eyes
We stared at each other

My mouth dropped open
I expected to touch her fingertips
Yet I touched a cold, smooth surface

I looked at my hand,
Fingertips resting on the mirror's surface
Then I looked back at the woman

She was me

I lingered a second longer
This woman wasn't a stranger,
She is me

She smiled and her eyes shone bright
Her look reassured me of what I'm becoming

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