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April 15, 2008
By Tekyra Williams, Severn, MD

I sat in the dark
Trying to find out what to do with myself
I cut myself a million times
An not once did I say ouch
See no one knows what it's like to be me
I'm sorry to let you know I've lost all hope
I don't think I have anything
To live for
That's why when you look at my legs
All you see is red sores
I love it and I don't think I ever will stop
Everyone thinks, "Oh, it's because of boys..."
But they are all the same
None of them don't really know my pain
All they see is what they want to see
First walk a mile in my shoes
And tell me how my shoe fits, let's see
You wear it, FEEL my pain and see can you
Bare it
Sometimes I look in the mirror and love
What I see
Then other times I look and say
Why God
It's like it's two of me and they fight to see
Who will win the fight, the title
When I lay down at night will I lay down
Cut on my leg
How will it all end
Who will win the battle within
Or will I lay down
My last lie
When I close my eyes
Will I finally die?

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