Two Lovers

December 30, 2011
By Shamelesszue BRONZE, Plainfield, New Jersey
Shamelesszue BRONZE, Plainfield, New Jersey
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I rather be loved for who I am, than hated for who I am not - Kurt Cobain

Because when she wasn't here we where like two lovers 
There was no one else we just needed each other
We'd hold hands in the streets & in the sheets cuddle 
Sit & watch TV and admire each other 
We could stare for days without saying a word 
We knew what we felt, what we felt was love
We had it all planed in our heads it was swell 
We'd pretend to be friends, but we knew what we where 
You would call every day, those where the days 
But then one day it changed, it was all thrown away 
I was no longer the one that took over your brain 
I was no longer the one you spoke of all day 
I was no longer the one you told 'were exactly the same' 
I was no longer the one that took your breath away 
She took you away with her looks and her lies 
She knew what you looked for and became just that 
You fell for her spell and left me behind 
Now I sit by myself & daydream of the past 
I should have seen this coming I should have tied you down 
But now i sit and wonder if you'll ever want me back 
I know now you love her & she loves you back
but sadly I love you, I miss what we had
We where once two lovers, but that's left in the past 

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