Drama Love

April 15, 2008
There is this girl that I know of
She loves theatre arts
She is very passionate
She devotes her heart

It’s the expert stuff she liked,
Things she tried out for
‘Cause when her name was drawn for parts
She found it a big bore


She did a couple simple plays
But still she had her fun
It could not compete with school
‘Cause P.E made her run!

It’s not always her main concern
But then she could not stop
She loved every bit she got
She’d rather act than shop


She loves it more than anything
There’s nothing you could do
But if you did, you’d pay the price
She’ll yell and scream at you

To conclude, she loves drama
She’d do most things for it
You’ll think she’s good, you’ll think she’s bad
You just watch her bit

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