May Love Be for Lovers

November 12, 2011
By cjones BRONZE, Splendora, Texas
cjones BRONZE, Splendora, Texas
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Lovers! May you read this forever and think of them
Those of the midnight starlight’s glistening gem!
Cruel fate cries it’s eternal call!
Love them! And be their shelter from the squall!

From the primordial soup of our fiery birth
We burned with desire and sought love’s true worth
We wove the tapestry of tantalizingly poignant naked animation
Living, breathing, grasping at your heartbreaking homespun mind-blowing elation
Dreaming forever of your arms! So welcoming and wide!
Beckoning like death to the sweet world inside
Falling! Falling! Falling! Like Rain!
Sex! Touch! Kiss! In our boundless soul without refrain!
In our Utopian bliss we would live like lovers
I want no life if not naked, under the covers!
But wait! But wait! Now they say it’s all wrong!
“Shut up lovers, quit singing your song!”
“What’s wrong with you lovers! A disease of the brain?”
“There’s no room for you on Lovers Lane!”
“For people like YOU this lane has a toll!”
Why, because I’m chalk and she’s coal?
Because I’m a man and so is he
So much for the “Pride” in this “Land of the Free”
So much for your “Patriotic” slogans
Why come? This “New World” is no better than the old one!

There’s tender love when the two men embrace
And the only word you can find is overwhelming DISGRACE!
Where we see affection, you see sin
What is it now? To the fiery stakes again?
You call us dirt! The lowest of the low!
Because I’m from Houston? And her from Colombo?
You only know hate, when we don’t fit your perfect dream
“THEY MUST GO!,” you say, “Either by law or by scheme!”
Two women just smile when they come breast-to-breast
And you cry out in Congress, “This must be addressed!”
You laugh and look down with mocking-like scorn
Until our love is crushed, tattered and torn!
Fallen lovers we are, beaten bruised by the hail
The love boat is rocking, smashed hull! ripped sail!
Our hopes may be splintered and our bones may be showin’
But hold fast dear lovers, fore the wind is still blowin’
The dawn will come and the night shall cease
When we stand up with pride and love who we please!
Dance my sweet lovers! By the glow of love’s true light
And just SHUT UP if you don’t think that’s right!
We’ll live and laugh and love without care!
Fore they can’t take away what was never their’s!
It matters no longer what you think of us
Were lovers! Happiness or bust!
I only dream of what the future holds for me
To finally be free in this “Land of the Free”

The author's comments:
I find it appalling that there is still such open discrimination against the gay community.

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