The Lonely Soldier

November 12, 2011
By DinosaurLover SILVER, Portland, Oregon
DinosaurLover SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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The soldier goes off to fight in the war,
What he doesn’t know is what his buddies have in store,
They go together like knights at the round table,
Together they feel like they are able,
To take on anything that they come across,
Then one by one the soldier’s friends he lost,
It finally came down to one friend alive,
They have known each other since they were five,
One day he was found crying into his hands,
He has found out he is the only remaining one that stands,
Now he’s fighting this war alone,
His face used to be soft but now hard as stone,
He’s all alone and doesn’t know what to do,
He cries inside and hopes that this isn’t true,
His friends are gone and has no one anymore,
Now he regrets ever going into the war…

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