Ella Hurts

April 14, 2008
By Ian Spiegel - Blum, Virginia Beach, VA

First thing I noticed
Was the makeup.
Not the dress, although
That came later—
That certain shade of
Vibrant red, that
Could make a dead man
Drop dead—
No, it was the
Purple stuff, like a bruise over her
Left eye, and
Who could forget the
Yellow pus?
I mean, yellow makeup
Smeared on her cheeks
Like a placid shade
Of cheap paint left over
From a garage sale.

Female creatures, and
Shaved legs,
Dancing legs
On the dance floor;
So close that I can
Feel their heat; I can
Feel their bodies like
Fluid waves,
Tempting the swimmer,
Oh! --

Remember when in
Second grade,
The clouds were
Shaped like dolphins,
And you picked me a flower?

-- and their
Curly hair! like slipknots
Hidden behind
little smiles
That never fail to
Churn my stomach.
Songs that
Would make grandma sick and
Something on my leg that
Doesn't belong.
But, thankfully
No one sees;
It's gotten to be too dark.

I remember,
She said
"loosen up."
And I coulda cried
Thinking about
Them dolphins.

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