My Pain

October 24, 2011
By , Hampton, VA
Pain is something your brain tries to hide.
You come up with excuses and lies,
and dig a dipper hole that’s become your life.
You try different things to make the pain go away,
but the pain is here to stay,
so you try to find ways to cope.
Suicide,crying, but nothing seems to work,
but you won't give up hope.
You try cutting and it seems to help.
It helps ease the mind,
but only for a very short time.
And then you have to start again,
before the first one even has time to mend.
You choose to tell a very close friend,
how you cope with your pain.
Your friend says your playing a dangerous game,
but it eases the pain.
She says she will stand by your side,
and will not let you hide.
You start to worry,
you think this will be a never ending story.
What would happen if your parents found out?
You tried so hard to play it cool,
now you'll look like just a fool.
You go home and start to cut,
deeper, deeper,just a little deeper.
Your want want the pain to be gone longer.
You watch the blood roll down your arm,
The blood wont stop coming,
so you have to do something,
You try to call for help,
but the words just won't come out.
You try to get up,
but just fall to the ground.
When you wake up your moms beside you,
you ask what happened,
she says we almost lost you.
That’s when you realize you have to change,
and get through this maze.
But you know you can't do it alone.
You'll need someone to be your sturdy stone.
I get right on the phone and call my best friend
I told her what happened and she starts to cry.
My tears start to flow and she says,
don't worry we'll take it nice and slow.
You'll get better I know.

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