The Movie Reel

April 14, 2008
By Maria B, New Port Richey, FL

The movie reel starts in the dark theater
It begins with depression,
A little girl, her parents beat her
And through the movie, on and on
It shows what her life has become
Up and down her life went,
But everyone knows that in her final lament
She will be happy, she will succeed
In whatever her dreams fancied

And the audience will clap and cheer
Some weepy girls will shed a tear
Families hug, couples will kiss
Everyone comes out of the theater,
In a gleeful bliss
It's always like that in the movies,
Things go bad and they go wrong
But in the end, everbody turns out strong

What kind of movie would it be
If her life didn't get better, and things just got worse
If she had no saviour, if she died in her final verse
No one would be happy, the critics would all boo
No one in their right mind, would give it a decent review

But life isn't like that, the real world isn't shown on the screen
It doesn't always turn out wonderful, it's usually obscene
But to me, it seems like that, almost everyone I know
Is loving their life, while I just sit in woe
And while I am in misery, my soul ripping apart
Everyone else is happy with their own sweetheart

Maybe it's temporary, maybe its for life
But while I seem to live the real world,
Everyone else seems to live in strife
So I ask, where is the justice,
Any sign of hope for me, to ever be happy?
Or will I just be in sorrow, forevermore
Depressed down to the core?
Maybe thats my purpose, maybe its intending
But still I wonder, where is my happy ending?

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