I Am From...

December 15, 2011
I am from my pink lumpy scar on my forehead from clumsily tripping,
My fluffy teddy bear, Jelly Bean, comforting me through the night,
And Disney World toys, water bottles, and hats stuffed in a cabinet.
I am from my childhood bedroom,
Where I hid, dressed, played, and slept as sound as a baby,
Imagining the hum of the red and blue airplanes painted on my wall.
I am from my crazy little sister, Reshma,
Who brings joy to my life with her giggles, smiles, and twinkling eyes.
I am from colorful parrots that sit on my shoulder,
Kissing cat pictures taped on my wall,
And blooming magenta pink flowers in our front yard staining my fingers pink.
I am from of my Aunt Reshma
Feeding me, dressing me, and putting me to sleep with a kiss on the forehead
But leaving the world before I turned two.
I am from my first cell phone dropped in a waterslide
Flowing with the current,
Sparks shooting from the phone the screen turning pitch black.
I am from my mom’s inexact but delicious cooking
With the aroma of an international feast.
Taking bits and pieces from every culture:
Chinese, Mexican, Mongolian, and Indian foods coming together into one meal,
Sometimes spicy curries, sometimes salty snacks, and sometimes sweet Indian deserts,
Each flavor bursting with excitement on my tongue.
From the crunch, the slurp and the ‘yums!’ making smiles on the faces.
Sitting around the mahogany table and laughing and enjoying the one time we have as a family.
I remember giving a haircut to my four year old friend, Nabeel, when I was three with a pair of safety scissors.
The child’s mom’s yelling when seeing the mess and my blank stare.
I remember the mess on the carpet, black fuzzy hair everywhere.
My blue shirt, very hairy and in my hand a clump of black thick hair.
I am from love that wraps around me like a blanket
From memories of my family, my friends.
From my past, my present and my soon to come FUTURE.

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