April 14, 2008
By Katelyn Beal, Higley, AZ

Refrain: Fluffy clouds rested against her cheek,
She then had the wildest dreams.
Greatness, honor, love were some,
Hoping that it was what the future held.

Running away from her past
She rested her head against the pillow.
The tears running down her cheeks were so fast.
Life just wasn’t so simple.

The racing thoughts soon began to slow,
Everything started to get foggy.
She began to feel weak from head to toe.
She then drifted off into a sleep of hope.


When she awoke she knew to keep positive,
To embrace her past for future reference.
She realized you need to learn from the past to improve the present
She then thanked the Lord for that little hint.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade she thought.
She soon began to let all the bad rot,
Life just isn’t the same when you dwell on the bad,
Instead just focus on all the fun you had.

She decided to remember all these dreams,
To keep them in a safe place for later
Because life isn’t always what it seems
She then went back to bed, to learn more things.


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