The Gate

April 14, 2008
By Lauren Zachary, Heber City, UT

Gates come in many shapes and forms
and are found all over the place.
They surround the heart and home
with promises to keep it safe.

One may be a picket fence
that is small, cute, and white
covered with flowers of many colors
and the gate is open wide.

Or the gate may be closed
but able to open at anytime
and telling you to come on in
with a giant big welcome sign

Others are locked tight
with many padlocks and keys
they have concrete walls that
are taller then most trees.

Some gates are electric wires
with poisoned sharp thorns
guarded by big angry bears and
men with silver drawn swords.

My gate is made of concrete walls
with the door locked tight,
looking fearful and scary in the sun
and hidden from view during the night.

Only a few people have a key
and have been behind the gate,
even then they find another one
surrounding my entire estate.

I built this fence so long ago
and gotten used to it being there,
that now when I try to remove it
I suddenly feel exposed and bare.

But maybe in the years to come
I'll get rid of my concrete walls
be ready to let someone in
and not act like a stiff doll.

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