A Girl That Lived Under the Sea

April 14, 2008
By Resa Martinez, Gilbert, AZ


A girl that lived under the sea; Swimming the day away to find her dream,

Her beautiful voice was whisked away To give her legs, and let her play.


When she found her buried treasure
And presented to her father

The King of the sea
Said, “Oh why is this happening to me!”



The redheaded beauty,
With big blue eyes
Disobeyed her father’s wishes;

She swan to meet his archenemy Queen of the dead fishes.



Here is where she sold her voice,

The evil Queen had a plan that the girl wouldn’t understand,
So the princess fled the cave
Before she knew it she was saved.


A handsome Prince was there when she opened her eyes;
His Princely kindness asked her to stay at his palace
When she tried to reply
She realized that the Queen had taken her voice, so she sighed.


She was discovering how the people with legs
Lived their lives from day to day;
She enjoyed this way of living;
The Prince was very giving.


The Prince and the beauty,
Spent many long hours together
As it turned out the Prince had a crush,
This made the beauty’s stomach turn to mush.


The evil Queen saw this happening,
With all the powers that she had
She was going to steal the Prince,
And this was going to make the beauty wince.


As the two were about to kiss
The Prince was hypnotized;
His eyes were locked on a new beauty
For this new beauty happened to be the evil Queen as a cutie.


Knowing this new beauty was the evil Queen,
From the help of her fishy friends,
The girl from under the sea
Exposed the Prince’s wife to be.


The Queen decided to take revenge
On the girl and her father,
But the Queen of the dead fishes failed;
She might have wailed.


The little mermaid

Was now free,
To live her life

As the prince’s wife!

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