Hide and Seek

April 14, 2008
By Jordan Truckenbrod, Gilbert, AZ

Elizabeth, Elizabeth, where could you be,
Could this be another game of hide and seek?
Is this a challenge you have gave,
One that I might take?

Here I go looking for you,
Looking in the obvious places to find you.
Hoping to look around a corner,
And see a little body hiding.

This must be a joke!
I have searched everywhere,
Every nook, cranny, and corner.
But you still stay hidden within this house!


What was that sound!?
A peep in the distance!?
You have given me a clue to find you!
Running, here I come to finally win!

As I get closer I start to creep.
Looking from bedroom to bedroom,
Every closet that is here.
There is only one other place!

To your room I come upon,
To only find that you have been long gone,
In a deep sleep making little noises.
Game over! I win.

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