Our Pasts Unravel

April 14, 2008
Our pasts unravel and unwind
To make room for our future feats
The only superpower we want is the ability to rewind
As we smile upon those on the edge of their seats

Savor the last moments we spend
Playing on the field and performing on stage
All that is left is graduation to attend
Starting a new chapter, turning a new page

All we can do now is remiss
Pelham High will be a memory—gone
Closing in on high school bliss
Changing our ways in different states with different dawns

The time has come to begin again
Shed our exteriors of green and gold
Sorting out our awards and trophies we did attain
Our dreams are close enough to hold

Say goodbye Pelham, Alabama
The class of two thousand and eight
And gaze out on the panorama
Our dreams and wishes await

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