April 14, 2008
By Kimora Braithwaite, Indian Trail, NC

Pretencious, is what you are.
You call me ignorant.
Your arrogance is the highlight,
Of your personality.
Calling me names,
Will not bring me stupidity.
Will not bring me down.
I live above the infulence.
Highly educated,
I would like to add.
Kocky ehh? The least.
I'm flying,
No where near the ground.
Something you never knew I had.
Think im insane?
My insanity,
Will take me far.
Your words,
Don't provoke me.
But they show me,
Your vocabulary.
Your words,
Have no value to them.
I like when you use them though,
It makes your intelligence shine!
Your hate is my ispiration,
It pulls me through.
I'm an embarrassment?
Ha! That's what you think.
Admit it, you see my Success!
It scares you to see,
I'm doing well.
Better than before...
Better than you have ever done.

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