December 13, 2011
Pain pain is all i gain from my hero with a brown mane
"I Love You"
"I Love You Too"
How can that be true
When all we do is argue
We fight and cry, and cause each other to sigh, but in the end we manage to stay alive.
i really Love you.
I truly do, just sometimes i wish i could turn your face black and blue.
you have they eyes of a goddess, so beautiful and blue they make me want to hug you.
in my mind every day and night, i see your face and it is such a great sight. you treat me so well even though you belong in hell.
I didn't mean that, i really didn't, your so nice and shy, but really, your very sly.. is there another girl in your mind?
On top of me, is she.
you thing and talk to her, about her, and with her, i don't know how much more i can take, do you love me? or is it all fake?

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