April 14, 2008
By Stephanie Guinan, Divernon, IL

I gave you a chance,
And you took advantage of me,
Gave you another chance,
And I really didn’t see,
I didn’t know you planned,
This all out,
I gave you so many chances,
And you didn’t know what love was all about.

You said you were sorry,
I was stupid enough to forgive,
You told me don’t worry,
I lost my love to live,
It took me weeks to think things through,
But only when I did,
I just went back to you,
My love for you I hid.

This time we would be forever,
Just trust me we can work it out,
I took the chance that you would change for the better,
Instead it wasn’t what love is about,
Chances before and chances after,
I knew it was all misunderstood,
We had no fun, no thrills, no laughter,
But I just thought you would.

You told me the fights we had,
Were only because you loved me,
I knew what you did made me sad,
I knew in my heart we couldn’t be,
But you told me to stay or else,
There would only be one way out,
I was scared because I knew that was your old self,
The chances finally ran out.

Sadness had swept over me,
No chance for happiness with you,
I began to give up,
Then another one followed through,
I found a true love,
Something I couldn’t find in you,
I found something special,
I can finally start anew.

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