How Could You

April 14, 2008
By Chloe Leischner, Springfield, IL

How could you?
Look me in my eyes
And swear that it's a lie?
How could you?
Tell me not to cry
That everything's alright?
How could you?
Blame me for being suspicious
When you're the one who was being malicious
How could you?
Act like everything's normal and cool
And take me as some ignorant fool?
How could you?
Watch me cry because I knew
And make me feel guilty 'cause of what you do?
How could you?
Watch me lay there wanting to die
And still continuously to my face deny?
What's done is done
And no one can fix
The stupid little games you chose for kicks
Because of this I'll never forget
The pain I felt from this and yet
I continue to trust but with doubts in my mind
That the total truth I'll ever find
How could you?

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