My Body Trembled...

April 14, 2008
By Rachel Cay, Severn, MD

My body trembled from my feet to my head
As I listened to what he said.
How could this be,
Happening to me?

A ring was presented
The answer was yes

Tears like razors
Made wounds upon my face
Wishing I was somewhere
Somewhere far from this place

A ring was presented
Her answer was yes

I watched as he knelt down
Opening the box as if it were a crown
I looked on with disgust
Hoping the ring would soon rust.

Her answer yes
Before he spoke a word

A box of Oreos my new best friend
Have asked for my hand until the end
I’m over you, my heart no longer true
She won’t be kind, money is on her mind.

You asked for her hand
When she’s down, she’ll bury you in the sand

I won’t be here, your fallback girl.
I won’t be here, I’m over you.
You left me in a love-struck twirl
I hope she leaves you like that too.

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