So This is Love

April 14, 2008
By Anne Lundquist, Shoreline, WA

Sun rises,
Dew falls.
My love for you
grows in squalls.
The days go by,
Light into dark,
We’ve grown so close,
you’ve made your mark.
It’s as if we’ve been friends
Since long before time.
Yet I’m still getting to know you
This love is sublime.
Dark to light,
From day comes the night.
You sit on the horse,
As my bright armored knight.
So this is where love
has turned us around,
I could swim in your love
And never be drowned.
To say those three words
Its just not enough.
To describe this in words
Is so very tough.
Moon rises,
Cold of night appears.
With you around,
Vanished away are my fears.

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