Tell Me

April 13, 2008
By Jessica Ly, Chico, CA

To be left breathless,
Tell me how it feels,
To be annoyingly distracted
by love that's truly real

Watching them kiss,
Expressing their affection,
Wanting to want love,
It's a sweet, deadly infection

Dreaming for my prince
who carries a long shiny knife,
We complain constantly,
About this thing we call life

He finds me appealing,
he finds me humorous,
Little did I know,
His love is severely contagious

I don't understand,
The light that glows upon me,
Revealed to this boy,
Are my insides that he can only see

He smiles at me,
Leaving me to gasp,
He softly chuckles,
I hear his enchanted laugh

A day in confusion,
The next I float on air,
I am unbelievably the girl,
The one he will forever, truly care

He gives me a kiss
with lips so wet and tender,
I'm falling deeper and deeper,
I don't intend to surrender

Tell me again,
About this feeling I feel,
This strange unusual emotion,
I wonder if it's even real

You look me in the eye
and whisper that unheard-of phrase,
I'm locked in your arms
and lost in your gaze

If time was ticking,
if the world was ending,
My last minutes I want with you,
this is no londer pretending

Tell me again,
Tell me once more,
How I had fallen in love,
How you became what I adore

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