So I Just Keep Holding On

April 13, 2008
So I just keep holding on
To everything I know
Because I’m scared to fall
I’m scared to let go
Of everything’s that safe
Familiar like this place
Where I have grown and learned
All about life and love

And now it’s time to go on
Leave behind only memories
Sweet time spent and laughing
And then were tears cast here
About life and love
That tore people apart
and brought together
so many more
than I could every count

this is my history
it’s everything to me
every way that I’ve grown
everything I’ve known

all of the people, the friends and lovers
that have ever crossed my life
it’s all here beside me
but I’m leaving, moving on
To another place
far from this shelter

And I’ll make new history
New friends and new memories
There’ll be more life and love
To remember and speak of
But this place here
will always be home

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