Mrs. Reddenhurst

April 13, 2008
Young Mrs. Reddenhurst found herself one day,
Driving along on Biscayne Bay.
She was, in fact, in her Mercedes,
Her husband all but gone to Hades.
The top was down, her hair a-flying,
Little did she see of men a-spying,
For she had totally forgotten,
To wear a something made of cotton.
And at every light she stopped,
The men would take in her lack of top.
They would whistle, they would shout,
She was secretly pleased to tout.
For she had surely not gotten any,
From Mr. Reddenhurst in days a-many.
So through the city she paraded,
The men a-flocking, far from jaded.
But she said no to every one,
For it was with a woman that she wanted some fun!

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