Triangle Shirt Factory

April 13, 2008
Thump thump.
Screams echo in our hearts,
The looks of panic,
Of fear
Stain our minds.
No. We force ourselves to think of happiness,
Of laughter,
Of anything but the truth.
Thump thump.
Push! Our minds yell to the door.
But it’s difficult,
And stubborn and refuses to
Give in.
But we force ourselves to try,
Because that’s all we have left.
Thump thump.
Our hope dies,
Now lying with the broken pieces of fire
That’s eating up our lives,
Our souls.
But we force ourselves do something
Extremely hard,
Thump thump.
We see sisters,
Die together,
But we force ourselves to think
At least that’s better than dying alone.
Thump thump.
Fire kisses our skin,
All the while
Touching the mess of work
On the way.
We stand,
No thoughts in our head,
Staring at the impossible
Right in the eye.
But we force ourselves to look away
Even though most of us don’t.
Thump Thump.
Death is near.
We can feel it.
We know it.
He carries the souls of the past
Still softly glowing
From the smell of silence,
As the blinding red
Takes control.
But we force ourselves to ignore it,
Ignore the fact that people living
Just a few minutes before
Have dissolved away.
Thump thump.
We give our weak smile,
The only smile we have left in us,
At the remains of our lives.
But we force ourselves to hold hands,
And walk towards the window
Thump Thump.
Thump Thump.
Thump Thump.

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