The Soldier

April 13, 2008
The solider sat beside his men,
he stares down at the letter from home.
She writes telling him about their son
and how he's gotten another f in highschool.
He begins to hear exploding bombs
they load their guns making sure their ready to fight.
He begins to write about his bad news
And how he wish's he was there beside his new baby girl.
He knows she'll understand he has to stay to protect this great land,
His wife writes how much she loves him still, and what he wants to name his new baby girl.
The sunrise begins to set on the eastern horizon
He writes down Anna Lee.
A tear comes to his eye,
he knows he's doing what's right.
Born to be a hero in his families eyes,
But somewhere deep down in his tiered soul he knows
how much he wish's he could be anywhere but here tonight.
He carries the cross around his tanned neck,
hoping for some faith to keep him out of enemy lines.
The gun's begin to go off
sending a fear threw his soul.
Knowing all will come down to this night.
He places his letter inside his breast pocket and begins to fight.
without warning there came a shot
making it close to his heart
he lands on the bloody battle field .
He is carried out of war fair by his men,
he prays,
he begins to cry deep down inside he starts to believe this could be his night.
That's when he hands over his letters to his best friend and fellow solider.
he looks up at the man telling him to make sure she gets it.
that's when he losses his sight and soon his world goes black.
When he awakes he finds her smiling face upon his night bed.
he watches her smile seeing the tears in her eyes ,
she turns to the door and there were his two kids
His son enters with his new baby sister
The man begins to cry knowing he's still alive and that he's home at last.

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