Roses of the Time

April 13, 2008
By Erica Kwiatkowski, Weston, MA

has gone by so fast, too fast for words
it seems like yesterday we came here
we smiled
we blushed and we flushed,
it seems like not long ago
our roses came and bloomed
how different we were, then.
How quick time passes
how slow things seemed
why, we had the most time in all the world, we did
and here we lie
still and now feeble
old and grey in the dust of time
stay, our beating hearts cry
and rejoice, for years have come and gone
and you live to see the new summers
and you must admit
living now is easier than it was
for then time seemed endless and pointless
and now each moment glitters and fades with individual beauty.
Then we had no purpose
but to find the smile in what we were
and hard it was to find
but now our roses begin to wilt
and our smile, long found and polished, begins to fade.
Here we lie
in final joy, our knowledge complete
we know why life goes and goes
and here we lie in final contemplation
a single nation understood at last
our roses begin to brown and fade
but we know our time has come,
and left, and we reside in our final moment
our roses curl and die
but in final contentment,
here, at last, we lie.

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