It Won't Be Long

April 13, 2008
By Laura Roberts, Lincoln, ZZ

It won't be long before we wake up from our dreams again
Wake up lonely and deserted again
Longing for what we've lost unto shut eyes
I hold on to a memory in fear of losing it amongst
Every other useless photograph in my useless cardboard box
In light of all this future the past holds very little sentiment
I assume tickets past their sell by date will not get me far for free
Unfortunately I hold each one as dearly as if it were yesterday
And old ghosts upon the window frame can not change our fate now
A rattling of a key chain and invisible footsteps on the path
The phantoms of our laughter will echo in my mind tonight I know
I'm not convinced this nightmare did wonders for my complexion
But I have more time to appreciate the moon and stars and sky
Your ignorance won't register until I realise I care this much
And not so whole heartedly I'll begin the race again
As brilliantly as the summer started I'll cast out my winning smile
And as rapidly as winter fades I'll rebuild my tower block
The mourning season was nigh when I took the train back to somewhere new
Those old tickets hold more validity than you or I held close to heart
Our melody was out of tune from the moment August arose
And like a ship on the widest sea I'll bid a farewell through the mist
But like any explorer this compass tells me I'm heading somewhere
North south east or west.

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