My Dear Lover

April 13, 2008
By Amanda Strong, Cedar Rapids, IA

My dear lover,
You are my light,
You keep me alive,
While you shine bright,

My dear lover,
You bring peace to my life,
You make me feel better,
How I yearn to be your wife,

My dear lover,
Oh how I love thee,
I believe in you,
Do you believe in me?

My dear lover,
I wish to grow old with you,
I want to be by your side,
Through, and through,

My dear lover,
To whom I shall never say goodbye,
Please stay with me,
Please continue to live at my side,

My dear lover,
You embezzle my dreams,
With your sweet embrace,
Oh how perfect it does seem,

My dear lover,
You are worth my entire life,
For the fact that you saved me,
Many times from this knife,

My dear lover,
I shall stay by your side,
I shall save you from death,
In you, I shall confide.

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