If You Love Me, Kill Me

April 12, 2008
By emilee wise, Denver, CO

I’ll keep pretending
So long as you believe
I’ll always dance for your eyes
Cause you’ll always be deceived
Every day I lie again
Without tears you can’t see pain
I’m the perfect actor
Cause no one knows I act
Acting is my life
I fake what I lack
I’ll fake it
Till I break it
But you won’t see me that day
I only break behind closed doors
Or somewhere far away
You think I’m like a brick wall
Cause you never see me cry
But you’ll never know how weak I am
Until the day I die
When I’m not okay
You make my excuses
But you’ll never know
Of my darkened dreams of nooses
I can tell you
But you’ll never know
Until you see the scars
That I’ll never show
You won’t hear
Unless you see
But you’ll never lay your eyes
On this part of me
I live in a world
Defined by pain
With anger like thunder
And tears like the rain
In blood my pain takes form
Ice cuts like razors
In the eye of the storm
I wish you knew
I have to be free
Of the feelings that full me
If you love me, just kill me

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