April 12, 2008
By Eric Rustad, Rochester, MN

Oh, the excitement
When I walk in the store
Mommy, they have snickers
And a whole lot more

They have candy that is sour
And candy that is sweet
And then I ask Mommy
May I have a treat?

And Mommy looks at me
With a not-so-nice frown
But why would you want that
It’s too dark of a brown

So I search some more
Only to find…
A bright red sucker
That’s just my kind

I turn to my mom
Who looks angrier than before
You put that sucker down
And march right out that door

But can’t you see
I’m not yet done
I am still searching
To find the perfect one

Well you better hurry up
Because I’m not going to wait
Pick out your candy
Or you will make us late

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