Go Ahead

April 12, 2008
Go Ahead && take a walk down my memory lane.
Take a walk in MY shoes you'd go insane.
Nobody knows me better than me, yet im judged so quick.
You think you know me so well
You always tear me apart Pull && Pick Pull && pick;
I dont care anymore because I look at life like there is no
You wonder why I keep a smile on my face and I dont go
around with sorrow.
You learn there is more to life than to just worry about
When your tired of pain && tired of tears you'll do
anything to help
Most people flip out when something doesn't go
how they want.
Don't worry about what you couldn't do, try to find
another way to have fun.
Just because im not grown does not mean I don't know what
I want or how to decide
I've seen so many things, grown up so fast, been through
it all and all these tears I've cried.
A waste of time....to worry about something you cant
change So just dont worry;
You get this feeling you just want to grow up so fast,
but dont be in a hurry;
when you look at it 10 years from now you'll wonder
where it all went
Waitin and complainin to be older instead of cherishing
the time you have now is how it was spent.
so take every breathe, every step, every chance, every
Because you never kno when your life might come to an

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