I Miss You

April 12, 2008
By Jayme Hamm, Tonganoxie, KS

I still ware the cross around my neck
Till the day I die….
I leave the leaf on the wall till the day
I forget…..forget about you…and everything we have been threw..
Which will be never…how can I forget when ever I look up and remember it all…
These are the symbols that remind me of you these are the thing I remember about yew..
As I sit in class and the cross brushes against my lips I remember your kiss…while its hanging around my neck. low close to my heart…it reminds me that you’ll always be their forever….while I tug it out from being tight to my neck It reminds me of you tugging me into one of your perfect hugs…while when I grasp it I think about holding your hand…I remember those cold night…and being with you. looking into your deep blue eyes hoping you’ll never let go not even for a moment…I feel safe…that nothing bad can happen when I’m with yew…why don’t I feel that way now? I miss it miss it all…I hate not being able to look into those eye. I hate not being able to kiss you…I hate not holding your hand so I don’t fall…I hate not having you keep me warm…I hate not hearing your voice…I hate it I hate it so much…I hate getting a txt and my face and heart lighting up with joy… I just love you that much…I hate havening to call my friends…in the middle of the night to hear them tell me over and over again that everything will be ok…when I know it wont till the day I’m back in your arms…..I miss the days…the days when I lived on edge…sneaking out without telling a soul good bye…I miss yew.

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