A Temporary Smile

April 12, 2008
How could I allow you to make me feel this way
When just the other day, you made my day
2 months later and your words still echo in the back of my head like ringing beels
Was I blind to the turh, just there to fill the spaces
Cuz know you have no interest in me
I feel so dumb...
The pain is numbing && its weigihing me down
Yor mystery is what drawn to me
Your smile is what captured my attention
Anxiety, excitement, frantic <-- were the emotions when I pressed the call button for the first time
I said what I had to say....it was your turn &&
[you blew me away]
Two complete strangers with so much in common
To my astonishment you took away the anger and lonliness
Confusion...when you hadn't returned my call
you were one call away
Relieved..when I figured out why you hadn't call and it didn't seem that bad
So we talked the night away
And for them few hours...you had me thinkning this was the beginning of something special
I had these dreams at night...it was about these feelings and how it didn't let you leave my sight
Praying that this wasn't just a phase and you weren't just a fade
Then I saw you...it was sweet, real sweet


Eyes weren't being met..rumors were being heard..calls weren't being made.
You left clues and I began to get the point
but was determined to hear your point of view
You had me waiting..confused..hurt..
I felt used
All i wanted was the [rush]
that [rush] I felt the day you smiled which left me on hot ears, tingles in my stomach and a smile to go to bed with at night
You had me looking around to see faces that weren't familiar
&& you just vanished
I told myself to keep trying until I knew for sure
So I went up to you and asked that [final question]
I said what I had to say...it was your turn &&
[you blew me OFF]
i just walked away...

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