Typical Local Day

April 12, 2008

So tired, has no more energy
She walked all over ground, downtown
Found what she was looking for (only in certain department stores)
On the not so crowded 7th ave 2 line,there
she saw no one
she sees no one, no more
Just looks up at the time or the person
she feels is watching her every move.
She feels funny
She spots a hunny (attractive, fly, young male who catches most attention)
but doesn't speak
Her brain becomes overflowed with worry
Mouth freezes up
Heart not following her spirit
so she stays put
Not afraid of what'll leave her lips
but what'll leave his
The next stop is 125th (transfer to the 5,6 & M60 bus to Laguardia Airport)
She awakes & now feeling more
awkward then ever, feeling every riders eyes on her.
Her hair
Her hands
Her sneakers
Her face
She doesn't want to look back
but has a feeling of intimidation abusing it with emotion, confusing it with fear
She gets off while waiting to transfer
See more unfamiliar faces
Same looks, stares, chuckles, whispers
"All Eyes On Me" is the song
playing on my iPOD
Take it to my stop, she gets off the train
Just another local day

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