Songs From Heaven

April 12, 2008
By Frank Gaetani, Lynbrook, NY

Up in the sky,
Isn’t just where people go after they die
It’s a whole new world, a whole new life
Up in the sky, where the angels fly, a Prayer is beginning

There’s a quire of angels,
Singing down to us
That is why the Earth is blessed with love

There’s a band of Good Samaritans playing peace to their people on Earth
The Orchestra is playing a tune to God and to his people

The tune God’s playing is the song of the world
The head of the concert

Heaven is turning into a concert
A concert from God for us
The songs bring out peace and love and joy to us on Earth
The Songs from Heaven are Blessed and made
Their true songs from above
The songs from above are like no other;
The songs from above are better than any
The songs from above are not rap or rock
The songs from the sky is our hearts

At the time when the Angel comes to ask you
“Would you like to join our Concert?”
You’re answer will be yes
You’ll go into Heaven and be apart of God
You’ll spread peace to the world
And joy to everyone

Songs from Heaven are the only songs you need
No R&B, forget about jazz…
The songs from Heaven are prayers that will help survive through life

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