It's A Sign

April 11, 2008
By Annie Piekkola, Belle Fourche, SD

God, oh God, can you not see the blood?
Tainted red; men gracelessly waltzing.... falling dead
Upon a sober bed of glittering crimson - mixing, swirling....
All of these bodies spinning, falling, twirling to the bittersweet
Melody of death and life - light strife; a forgotten knife buried within
Tender flesh of flesh, a bare layer of the mesh called veins
Bursting open with a sudden lash - a flicker, a flash of red rains....
Within a guarded net of clothes - stained, burned, dead....

God, oh Lord, can you not stop the tears?
All these young boys trying to hide their fears....
Brothers clashing, gnashing at each other with vicious jeers
That glisten maliciously upon three-sided spears,
Reflecting sober sneers upon once panicked faces;
Two flags flying high upon deformed shoulders,
Held aloft by contorted hands and quickened paces.
Flickering high into the sky, grave eyes search within the colours of red
For the answers of why so many are led to final, gasping sighs -
Screams and cries slowly die as trembling flags are coated with blood....

God, oh dear Lord - help us, God....
Encased within a veiled haze,
A sudden craze takes a hold of the dying and living -
Crying and shrieking, this war appears no longer redeeming.
Please, please, please - Oh God, please! - Don't let them die here
Like these others.... Lord, can't you see? Can't you hear?
Do you not view these lives as dear? Don't let these men - boys - be....
Brothers fighting brothers, a mother left crying over a corpse....
Lord, what do we do now?

If nothing else, God oh God, my Lord, my "savior"....
Can't you stop these blossoms from falling, falling upon these men
Who are sobbing, crawling....
Trying to escape from this sudden mauling - inch by inch, bit by bit,
Suddenly they are hit.... a light, sudden pinch of a bullet;
Aching, crawling their way to a hopeless future....
With ravaged minds and clenching teeth,
The guns begin to grind away the life of a future..
With a bloodstained bayonet - a crimson knife....
For within all of this pain, Lord....
Where is the gain? Where is your sword?
God, oh God, can you not see the blood?
God, oh God, can you not see the blood?

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