January 2, 2012
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Once upon a time,
there was a young girl born into a world of despair.
The skies were black and the clouds were grey.
There was no moon and no sun.
There was a fog that swallowed the land, taunting the people to join death.

The darkness was winning
and the people were falling.
When the angels came down from heaven,
they too became fallen spirits.
No one could defeat the darkness...
Not even God.

Every night this young girl had a dream.
A dream of light,
A dream that defeated the fog.
A dream of God's will.

She snuck to the church every evening and prayed for strength.
She trained and trained until she could not train any longer.
She became tired and felt defeated.

Even with doubt in her mind,
she had hope in her heart.
She rounded up the fallen angels and met in the church every day.
After about a year had passed,
the angels had risen again.
They brought war to the fog
and conquered.

The darkness of the world faded
with the blood of the bodies that were lost during the massacre.
The sun and moon became visible again,
the ocean's waves crashed upon the beaches,
and there was no more death or despair.

The crowds cheered until they realized the young girl was not there.
They searched and yelled her name but never found her.

As the years passed one boy wouldn't give up.
He searched high and low each day.
One day he walked in the woods.
Behind a log he found the girl's sword of victory.
Wrapped around the sword was a magical flower.

From that day forth he watched and protected the flower,
knowing the flower was the girl,
The Salvation of LIfe.

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