It's Dark

April 11, 2008
By Erika Neffner, Bothell, WA

It’s dark and cool hushed and quiet
Whispers seemed muted, soundless noise
I’ve blocked them all out
Everything, not a thing gets through,
Well, maybe a thought or two…

The jean fabric rubs gently
Shirt wrapped ‘round, holding me together
Hat pulled down snuggly, String pulled tight
Buckle pressing in to my stomach
Boots squeak with cleanliness

Shifting occurs underneath
The tossing of a head
Prancing of the hooves
The swish of a tail
And the soft whinnies drift up

The dist filters in through the sunlight creeping in
And the roar of the crowd starts to come in faint
The sound of rustleing feet shuffling closer
The saddle shifts as people tighten for me
Reins pulled up, hand sliding down

The anoucer calls my name out
In a booming filling voice
“Up Next Is Erika, on Ima Sascy John Deere Girl”
Straitening up, getting ready for what I was put here for
Turn around, face the other direction.

Then, with every once of strength and power,
We take off down the shoot,
Clay and sand shooting up under foot
A cloud of dust trailing behind us
And the light hits me full faced

I’m laying as flat as I can get
Right across her spotted neck
Mane flying and legs stretching under neith us
Legs kicking and lips moving hundred miles an hour
Urging her on! Kicking, kissing talking constantly

But the first barrel comes in view
Shifting completely in to a different position
Right hand further down, careful not to kick with the left though
Sit! Turn! Look! Get around as fast as I can!
Three more just like it!

Soon the third barrel is almost behind us!
But then her shoulder drops and I knick it!
It tilts dangerously, like the tilt a whorl
But as we here the crowd’s cheer, it stands back up!
Tarring off fast then a bat outta a cave

Back down into the tunnel we came out of earlier
I heard the announcer tell us that we had just gotten a new personal best
A 13.113 second run!
Unbelievable!! We did it!
Months of this lead up to this one run that even with out the saddle, worth it!

And here as I rejoice and hi five my best bud Brandy
I can’t help but think two simple thoughts
1. My girl Sascy is the best girl ever,
And yet, still this one occurs the most
Vegas is so worth missing school for

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