Hide & Seek

April 11, 2008
In math class one day
I began to feel bored

So I imagined I was playing
Hide and seek with myself
In my mind

It was my turn to count first
So I closed my eyes
And counted to twenty
Inside my mind, I opened my eyes
And began to search

I looked behind every
Bush, tree, table, chair, object
But I was nowhere to be found

I thought,
‘wow, I must have found a good hiding place’

Suddenly the bell rang
And I awoke from the strange scene

But day after day
I waited for my math teacher to start teaching
Then I would continue my game of hide and seek

I looked and looked
But oddly enough
I was nowhere to be found

Now it’s been two months
Since I started that game of hide and seek
I finally decided to give up

And I never did find myself

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