The Small Things

April 11, 2008
By Shanae Bigony, Shoreline, WA

I know that it hasn’t been ‘easy,’
But hey, that’s what life is all about.
You enjoy every minute of your life,
The good and the bad,
Because all things come to an end.
You’re never judged on how many times you fall,
But instead from how you rise.
Most people you meet will betray you, in one way or another.
And in the end, you trust no one but yourself.
But if you laugh at least once a day,
And smile at all your dumb little mistakes.
What it comes down to, are the small things,
And what you make of them.
Because if you’re happy with your decisions,
In the end, what else really matters?

You can find millions of quotes that describe the bound friends have,
But it’s different for every relationship.
Some friends have spent every day of their lives together,
While others have only talked on myspace.
Some friends fight over what TV show to watch,
While others fight over boys.
It’s interesting to see who will become friends,
What makes you want to tell every secret you’ve ever had to someone?
Human beings weren’t designed to be alone,
So they spend time with people that reflect who they are.
Sometimes you get lucky,
And you start friendships that never end,
One day, those girls will be your maid of honors.

Some days, my mom is my best friend,
And on others, she’s my worse enemy.
I can’t stand to be with her.
But I can’t stand to be without her even more.
I tell my mom everything,
Sometimes more than necessary,
And she never tells me what I want to hear,
But instead what I need to hear.
She has a tendency to call just to make sure I know she loves me,
I can’t imagine a day without her,
I’m blessed to have the perfect mother.
My mother is the most beautiful and annoying person I know,
And that’s exactly why I love her with all my heart.

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