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Hold It Down Freestyle

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Time Flies by, I'm out for success til I die/

Gotta change some perspectives, so take time to see through my eyes/

I'm searching for universal truths wondering where the answer lies/

Til I find it, I keep my eyes open wide/

While penning messages trying to stop your thoughts that provoke suicide/

Preaching that if we love our brothers, we can stop the homicides/

And that regardless of color, we are one in hopes to stop genocide/

Y'all with me or not? Pick a side/

A revolutionary mind don't want war, he wants change/

That bum on the corner don't want change, he wants bills/

And that dude in that apartment don't want bills, he wants more than to just get by/

That kid with no guidance is just trying to survive/

No father and his mom works part time plus a nine to five/

So let me be your guide/

Stay in school, gain knowledge, go to college, and change the system from inside/

I'm just trying to help you stand without crutches/

There's strength in unity, so what? There's like 6 billion of us?/

We all make mistakes so how can they judge us?/

And life's too short to hold grudges, so just move on/

You're getting my two cents plus two more free without the coupon/

This is just some fast food for thought/

I can't go yet, there's too many lessons that need to be taught/

Like be yourselves and never pretend to be something you're not/

And no matter you're beliefs, have some faith in God/

Always choose the best option when wondering through life's maze/

And always remember that light sheds even in the darkest of days/

And whether this is your first or tenth time around/

You gotta hold it down/

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