You Say He Has Ugly Clothes

April 11, 2008
By Shannon O'Malley, Lynbrook, NY

You say he has ugly clothes, he can't play with you
And she can't play because her jeans are a really ugly blue
My hair is knotted so I'm not coming to the sleepover
There's a girl who you think looks like a dog so you call her Rover
He picks his nose so he can't come for tea at four
She has braces so she can't pass through your door
Yet the imperfections of reality are the sum of the whole
When you're a vision of flawlessness there's something missing, a hole
The flawless veil hides a broken soul within your tanned skin
Because being too skinny and smoking and doing drugs are all in
So that boy who has ugly clothes, the one that can't play with you
Is only hated because he's pieces of you

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