I Knew a Guy...

April 11, 2008
By Frank Gaetani, Lynbrook, NY

I knew a guy who had bad breath
He had a stinky, smelly breath
This guy I knew was 6 feet tall
And to him, I seemed like a basketball

This guy I knew was fat and ugly
This guy I knew picked his green icky boogers
This guy I knew had the worst of the worst grades
This guy I knew was a person... coincidence?
So are you

You're a person, agreed... and so is he?
That guy I knew had no friends because of his very weird trends
This guy I knew was never happy
Hey- I think I know why

A person is a person
That's it
Everyone is the same
They may look different but so what!
You and I look different
He does weird things and isn't the smartest
But to that... I only say...
So What?

Don't judge that guy by the outside, just look on the inside
You're probably missing out on an excellent friendship
So What to you then

Take a look into that person; read the book carefully
Don't judge him by the inside or his actions/ don’t judge a book by its cover
A face, a color a race; a Spine a Label and Pages
It's the same person as me and you; it's the same exact book as everything else
Everyone is different and acts and looks differently... but the only thing to solve your question is... so what?

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