Sunny Days

April 11, 2008
By Erin Supinka, Cranberry Township, PA

Sunny days cause too much hope for happiness
I prefer the rain. It's clean and honest, well I think so anyway.
It washes away the ridiculous ideas we create.
We tried so hard to be different that we've completely lost our individuality.
I'm sorry.
Oh; silent heart of mine, care to beat again?
"No, I'd rather not. Too broken, too bruised" it replied.
Oh; old friend of mine, care to stand by my side?
"No, I'd rather not" you replied.
But my demise will be fantastic, my fall exquisite.
No? Oh well.
Just a train wreck ending to an already tragic tale.
Empty promises? My expertise.
Make you believe `til I break you down.
Sit and listen to my story.
It may be a while.
Love. Lie. Live. Lust.
Hush, now close your eyes.
Just listen.
You might learn, the perfect way not to live.
I lived through the end.

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