Like a Tree

April 11, 2008
Tore up by the roots
Twisted, gnarled, no shedding of fruits
Polluted, disregarded
So mistreated, discarded
Disrespected, filled of strife
Such significance, such life
No one understands, all feel all-knowning
But it still keeps on growing
Stays low, branches out of the way, short and stubby
Living’s so hard, for a tree and for me

Music (24 lines)

Strums on a guitar
Taps on a piano
Bursts of jazz from a trumpet or saxophone
Gentle whistling of a flute
Notes on the air
Vibrations, rythms
Pitches, frequencies
All kinds of sounds
So silly in the eyes of many, so significant in the eyes of artists
But not just technical, also emotion
Expressing feelings
Everything that a person is
Everything that a person dreams
Music isn’t something to be taken granted for
It’s a beautiful gift, it’s given to people who will use it to create true art

Sleep (6 lines)

The day brings tension, stress, anger, boredom
Pillows seem so inviting
Blankets welcome me into relaxation
Gentle rustling of comforting things
Anticipation of such relaxing bliss
The world’s better when I’m asleep

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