Game Time

April 11, 2008
By Isaiah Love, Danbury, CT

Hearing the crowd going crazy
Feeling the intensity rising
Sitting in a crowded locker room
Getting pumped from the music in the headphones
Having hype from everyone yelling
Looking into the eyes of a kid that can kill someone
Trying to concentrate on the job I’m responsible for
Going around getting the others ready
Feeling like I’m ready to explode
Having the whole group come as one
Start calming down and listening to the words of the coach
Taking a knee to prepare to take a moment of silence
Having a moment with the one who guides us
Standing up and feeling the intensity run through our bodies
Getting loud and start jumping around
Running through the opened doors like wild dogs
Looking at the green field
Staring at the opponents
Look at each other and say,
Game time!

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