You Ended My Life

April 11, 2008
By Katy Ulrich, Midland, MI

Help me,
I'm falling.
I'm calling your name,
but you can't hear me.
My heart breaks,
I'm bleeding.
My head aches,
I'm screaming,
for you to reach out
for me, but you just
left me in the cold dying.
They tears I cried for you,
made me feel
I could make it through.
But you've burned your name
inside my soul,
and with it left a giant hole.
The lonely nights
without your voice,
my ears don't respond.
I've missed out strong,
yet breakable bond.
So now as I write,
I decide to end my life.
Do not fear,
I will be near,
to protect you through
all your years.
But always remeber
while you lay awake
at night,
the paring knife
that ended my life.
And as the blood spills
from my veins,
I clutch your picture
and call your name.
But once again,
I must say,
you couldn't hear me
that fateful day.

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