April 11, 2008
The seasons begin
Summer leaves fade from green to gold
Roads are paved with the wonders of autumn
Trees sway with winds not felt since long before
Moving branches as if they were dancing
To a groove not heard since long before
Since they last felt those winds
And before you know it
As quickly as they came
The winds move on
And winter moves in as fall unsettles
Turning the world into a frozen tundra
Chilling leaves and branches
Icing the ground as if it were a cake
Snow blankets everything
Snowmen are made and snowballs are thrown
Hot cocoa is devoured
But unfortunately
As soon as this tundra came
And these snowflakes flurried
They melt
And Spring arrives
Flowers and trees that were blanketed in the sleep of winter
Awaken again
And new flowers grow
The weather is no longer flooded with snow and ice
While the sun makes his first appearance since months before
Shining brightly on the world below him
Kids run around outside
As Joyful as can be
But before you know it
They have reason to be happier
For Summer has arrived
Water wars are created
Ice cream cones are dropped
A wish of a break from school is fulfilled
Birds fly and chirp
Free to soar with open wings without the cold
And then
Summer leaves fade from green to gold
And the cycle begins again.

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