A Good Friend

April 11, 2008
By Jeanine McClain, Gilbert, AZ

I am a wreck.
I don’t eat, don’t speak, and don’t play.
I have not bathed in three elongated months
And my dreary coat ties nasty knots.
The world feels like a mine and I am the last bit of gold.
I just wait here ‘til some one retrieves me.
Each day is a huge task to breathe and live
But I still linger on.
Why do I try so hard? Is it worth it?
I just lie down all day in ultimate silence and emptiness.
Mom and dad created the habit to abandon me and yet they don’t know it.
What have I done?
Am I not a good kid?
Do they know I still exist?
I just want them to take care of me.
I just want them to play with me like old times.
I just want them to be my closest companions as I am unto them.
In time, I suppose changes will occur and they will realize I am a good friend who is there for them despite all their negligence.
For now I may feel dumped and dead, but I know my relentless tugging of the pant leg will soon draw their eyes.
I know in time they will see me and cradle me once more.
In time… I believe… they will.

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